Самсунг вав инструкция

самсунг вав инструкция
Page 26: Use Widgets Control active applications as follows: • To switch between applications, select one from the icons of active applications. • To close an application, select • To close all active applications, select applications. Select Save. ›… Page 77: Task › Stop an event alarm If you set an alarm for a calendar event, the alarm will sound at the specified time. To stop the alarm, tap and hold Stop. The specifications of the Samsung Wave 525 has been listed on another page here : Specification Samsung Wave 525 there are also the Driver for the Samsung Wave 525. . Samsung Wave 525 User Manual Incoming search terms:.

This is the user manual for the Samsung Wave II also known as the Samsung S8530 mobile phone from Samsung. Display and light Access and alter the following settings to control the display and usage of the light on your device:… Page 116: Date And Time Overturning (Etiquette pause): Activate the etiquette pause feature that allows you to mute all device sounds by placing the device face down. Customise the setting and select Flight mode Disable all wireless functions on your device.

Присутствуют профили, с их помощью можно быстро сменить настройки аппарата. Save the edited image with a new file name. Говорить о том, что обе модели станут хитами, к сожалению, нельзя. Page 57: Customise Camera Settings, Capture A Vintage Photo Repeat step 7 to complete the panoramic photo. Есть настройка переноса записей из памяти SIM-карты и обратно.

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