Инструкция настройки фотоаппарат канон sx1 is

инструкция настройки фотоаппарат канон sx1 is
What struck me about the SX1’s Raw shooting was that I hardly knew it was enabled. Before photographing important subjects, we recommend taking trial shots and checking the results. Select Range Selects a range of sequential images and makes print settings for all the images in that range. The Power switch behind the Canon SX1’s Shutter button could not be placed in a more awkward position. The camera’s Slow-Sync flash mode produced bright results without requiring any exposure compensation, though with a warm cast from the background lighting.

And the close up of the flora in the first row of the gallery shots is very soft, despite a shutter speed of 1/318 second. It felt a little awkward trying to focus in the wind that afternoon. The EV button is how you switch between aperture and shutter speed in Manual mode, too, using the navigator’s wheel to change the selected setting. In Playback, the middle button rotates the image and the bottom button erases it. Page 75: Shooting Close-ups (macro/super Macro) Shooting Close-ups (Macro/Super Macro) Use this mode to shoot close-ups of flowers or small items. Press the movie button again to stop recording. • The indicator will blink red and the data will be recorded onto the memory card. Page 31: Connecting The Camera To A Computer Macintosh Double-click the ROM window. Set the mode dial to mode 1. Use the control dial to select the scene mode.

Without Long Exposure, ISO 1,600 is required for a reasonably bright image at 1/8 foot-candle, however results are quite noisy, as expected. Don’t know what the big deal is about RAW? RAW images contain unprocessed image data direct from the camera’s sensor. Page 135: Locking The Exposure Setting (ae Lock) Locking the Exposure Setting (AE Lock) You can set the exposure and focus separately.

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