Инструкция по установке терминала verifone vx520

инструкция по установке терминала verifone vx520
Connect the power adapter to the leftmost port. Remove the cover from the bottom of the terminal. Adjust the Transaction to Include a Tip If you’ve settled a batch without adjusting a tip amount, just run the tip amount as a manual transaction. If you haven’t settled the batch yet and the option is available on your point-of-sale device, you can perform a Tip Adjust transaction.  Verifone VX 520 Manual and Support Documents Save with Merchant Processors * Business Type: * Name: * E-mail: * Phone: * Security Code: A terminal and printer in one, the VX 520 is the ideal transaction system for merchants switching from paper to electronic payment processing. Drop the roll of paper into the printer tray with the paper feeding up from the bottom. The VX 520 uses thermal credit card terminal paper to print customer signature receipts for transactions.

Unplug the CAT 5 cables connecting the equipment. Not all VoIP services are compatible with stand-alone POS devices. When I told them that Elavon was claiming that their VX520 terminal was 30 seconds slower than a comparable Ingenico they sent emailed me a PDF of a product brochure. Processing the sale or making multiple attempts to get an approval will cause chargebacks to your account. Confirm that you are using the correct PBX Access Code (for example, dialing “9″ first to reach an outside line) in the terminal.

Transaction Processing Pointers Locate Your Merchant Number Looking for your merchant number? This means the cardholder’s bank is declining the transaction. As your payments processor, we would not know why the transaction is being declined. Buggy software is released and there’s no way to determine if you’re affected or when a fix is due. Connect an ethernet cable to the ‘ETH’ port OR the included phone line cable to the phone port.An ethernet connection is recommended for faster transaction speed. The supervisor said the keypad absolutely needed to be connected because the VX520 looks for it every time you swipe a card.

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