Lg dvd ds464 инструкция

Music from the internet sounds amazing through the TX-NR626, which has the most internet radio and music streaming services of any receiver in its class. Controllable with Onkyo Remote Apps for iPhone and Android phone, and Kindle Fire. There are two outputs- one with Audio Return Channel, so you can boost your TV’s sound through your receiver. Also, this receiver will passthrough 4K resolution from source devices (like a Bluray player) to an appropriate display. Period! The Onkyo remote app for iPod touch®/iPhone® and Android devices is a convenient way to control your home entertainment from anywhere within wireless range.

InstaPrevue™ technology names your HDMI devices and displays live video thumbnails of available content. Здійсніть пошук посібника за моделлю або оберіть модель зі списку продуктів за категорією Будь ласка, оберіть за категорією продукту або введіть номер моделі. $599 MSRP Carousel Template · Bootstrap Go Completely Wireless! You can play music in the main room and Zone 2, or play a different audio source in either room. Audyssey Dynamic Volume® automatically compensates for volume fluctuations, for example during loud commercial breaks.
Audyssey MultEQ® room-correction technology delivers clear, well-balanced, natural sound. Learn more about Onkyo Remote Control Apps here. The app has a clear graphical interface to control playback, adjust settings and handle content across multiple zones. Switch sources easily, with just a glance. No need to remember what’s connected to which port. From the quietest passages to booming explosions, Onkyo’s exclusive technology enhances the audio of your movies, music and games to exacting levels of detail with minimal distortion. You will notice that powerful bass plays back with clear vocals; it doesn’t overpower them.

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