Видеорегистратор digital dcr-100 инструкция

видеорегистратор digital dcr-100 инструкция
The manual mentions the rattle, and states that it is not a malfunction, but does not explain the cause. A posting on rec.video, which included a response from Sony technical support on this issue, has provided a very interesting answer to this riddle. This image, along with all the others in this review, is straight from the camera. Any barrel distortion at wide angle, or pincushion distortion at high zoom is very minor, and the lens is capable of producing very sharp images.

Still not understanding.I will post a follow up review to detail my next steps which right now is either get working without any more issues, needing reboots (ideal) or if I take back to store for refund/exchange for abother brand. The autofocus on the PC100 can be a little bit sensitive — when an image lacks detail, the focus can move in and out a bit. The display’s widescreen format makes shooting in 16:9 mode and composing shots even easier. What’s in the BoxDCR-SR100 camcorder, power adapter/in-camera charger (ACL200), InfoLithium rechargeable battery (NPFP60), remote commander remote control (RMT-835), AV cable (stereo), software, USB cable, and ImageMixer software. And, of course, for the easiest and most convenient recording, the DCR-SR100 also features several auto-exposure modes, such as beach and ski, landscape portrait, sunset and moon, sports, and much more.

Featuring an unbelievable 30 gigabyte hard disk drive, this camcorder can store up to 440 minutes of high quality video, and an amazing 1250 minutes (that’s over 20 hours) of video in long play mode. Below this on the right is a cover that flips up to reveal DV in/out, LANC camera control, headphone, and analog A/V in/out ports. To the right of this cover, on the side of the camera, is an S-video in/out port. There are a few minor things the company could do better. Наверх Главная Авто, Мото (13)Вид:Плитка Список Советы по выбору: Сортировка: Страница: из 1 Сейчас просматривают. The camera will also copy stills from the Memory Stick to tape, copy stills from the tape to Memory Stick, and capture stills from any video source. The camcorder features zoom and record buttons directly on the frame of the LCD screen.

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