Инструкция по установке водонагревателя p 15l

инструкция по установке водонагревателя p 15l
Thanks to the electronic thermostat, Andris Lux allows you to fine-tune the water temperature and obtain the most comfort that meets your needs. Product support services > Supporting the nephrology community with phone and on-site support for over three decades. Andris Lux is available in three versions, with capacity of 10 and 15 liters to be placed above and below the sink and with capacity of 30 liters to be placed above the sink.

More energy efficiency, more compact and more comfort: this electric water heater represents the ideal solution for families few in number or couples. Обратитесь к продавцам-консультантам, если вам сложно самостоятельно произвести расчет. Добавить отсутствующую инструкцию Публиковать Поделиться ссылкой на документы с друзьями и коллегами Отправить. The magnesium anode, larger in size compared to similar sized models, is easy to inspect and replace: in this way the electrochemical protection of the boiler is increased and with it the safety of the house inhabitants. Note: Read the Instructions for Use for safe and proper use of this device. Andris Lux represents one of the last developments of electric water heater with small volume.

All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. P/N 102763-06 Rev A 02/2015 Home therapies > Unleashing the power of in-center dialysis treatment performance in the home setting. Расход воды в семье из 2 взрослых будет существенно ниже, чем в семье с маленькими детьми, а расход воды в городской квартире гораздо меньше, чем в большом загородном доме. Product support documentation | Fresenius Medical Care Skip to content Stories Stories Technical Training and Field Service Support open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Caution: Federal (US) law restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a physician. You may delete and block all cookies from this site, but parts of the site will not work. Мощность и производительность проточных водонагревателей Прежде всего, необходимо определить, сколько горячей воды Вам потребуется.

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