Инструкция konica minolta bizhub c35

инструкция konica minolta bizhub c35
The address book on the Konica/Minolta is used like a directory and settings for scanning, emailing, faxing, etc. You can migrate settings from an existing device to new ones collectively, and save data of existing devices as backup for saving onto new devices. For pagepro and magicolor printers, the serial number is located on the back, or near the power cable. Printed documents and scanned documents can be stored in the cloud or in online storage which will facilitate information sharing and streamline work duties.

In our Support section, we have compiled a range of helpful information, including access to our download centre for printer drivers, software and user guides, details on laser printer and MFP support, as well as a clear explanation of our warranty policy. You can now scan on the copier to your share. Ver.5.4 Print & scan without PC Print & scan from one app No printer driver required ver.5.4 Print & scan without PC Print & scan from one app No printer driver required Print PDFs and image files from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch with bizhub. Collective time and date setting : Specifies date/time and daylight saving time settings of multiple devices collectively. Also allows you to save web pages as PDF files into My Documents.- Print Camera function and picturesPictures that have been taken using the camera function can be saved in Photo albums.

Scan Function: Data that has been scanned from printing devices, etc. can be saved into My Documents and Online storage. All bizhub operations from logging in (user authentication) to scanning and printing can be performed smoothly with your iPhone and iPad. Supported services iCloud Google Drive Evernote Dropbox SharePoint Online Shared folder(SMB) My Documents, File Operation: — A variety of documents can be saved and managed.- ZIP files can be decompressed and saved into My Documents.- Encrypted PDF files can be displayed and printed.

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