Инструкция принтер canon ir2016j

инструкция принтер canon ir2016j
These openings are provided for proper ventilation of working parts inside the machine. Those cartridges will still be available for some time. However, we are not done as there is still some toner on the drum — it is not possible to get it all off electrically) so there is usually a rubber or plastic blade which rubs in direct contact with the drum. Usual action when misbehaving is slamming either stops or do a «rushed start/stop» and some odd scary noises.

Флажок (не разбирая картридж) можно увидеть торчащим из драм-юнита с левой стороны, достаточно только вытащить его из аппарата на 5-10 сантиметров. Thanks to the Chipdir site, and the Unitrode people. HP PaintJet problems «My HP PaintJet printer has a problem! The pads that rest against the cartridge bottoms when in the park position were inaccessible, as they retract when the carrier moves away. You may also be able to use other applications to scan on your Canon printer.

But be careful!; If the jets are severely plugged, ink may blow out the check-valve on the bottom (under the plastic ‘flap’ with the ‘maze-like’ area). Very messy! After a week or two, you will need to clean and prime the cartridges. Clean the cartridge-cleaning mechanism itself on the right, especially the foam pad.

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