Инструкция телефона sony xperia l

инструкция телефона sony xperia l
There is a breakdown of usage by app too, so you can see if any one app is using a lot of data, allowing you to modify your usage of the phone. Any accounts already on your Xperia XA will show on this screen. Находящиеся на SD файлы, фотографии, музыка, видео и т.д. останутся нетронутыми. Также здесь можно найти сервис-мануалы, принципиальные схемы и видео инструкции по разборке телефонов и смартфонов Sony Ericsson. Page 11 Facebook™ account Facebook™ is a social networking service that connects you with friends, family and colleagues around the world. Place the SIM card into the recess in the tray, with the gold-coloured contacts facing up and correctly orientated.

При загрузке телефон на логотипе SONY начинает заново перезагружаться. Turn on your Xperia XA by pressing the power button (the silver button on the right edge) for a second or two until you feel a vibration. Общее впечатление от плавности интерфейса и работы встроенных программ положительное. Connecting to an NFC compatible device You can connect your device to other NFC compatible devices produced by Sony, such as a speaker or a headphone.

Finally, you can connect your phone to your PC to allow you to use your phone’s internet connection on your computer – and even set up printing options by going to Apps > Settings > Device Connection. Your TV must support screen mirroring based on Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™ for the functionality described above to work. If your TV does not support screen mirroring, you need to purchase a wireless display adapter separately. Звук и камера Sony всегда славилась как компания, специализирующаяся на качественном звуке. В смартфон Xperia L встроен плеер Walkman, который имеет очень широкие возможности и множество настроек. Add another type of email account Adding any other type of email account is done in a broadly similar way to the Google account shown above. Page 99 To turn on the Bluetooth™ function and make your device visible From your Home screen, tap Find and tap Settings. Tap OK. Working with videos in Album Use Album to watch videos that you’ve taken with the camera, downloaded, or copied to your device.

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