Навигатор гармин легенд. инструкция пользователя

навигатор гармин легенд. инструкция пользователя
Using the latest protocol you can now directly upload into the saved logs by name which makes track log maintenance much easier. They use a USB interconnection to a computer for map uploading and waypoint/route/track downloading. Fixed bug on Reset Page when ‘Delete Saved Tracks’ was selected.

Mark Waypoint — Allows automatic input of current location as waypoint and editing of name, Lat/Long, GoTo, and Show on Map. AltimeterThis is the built in barometric altimeter page. You have up to 3 choices in defining how a tracklog is recorded. Expect more refinement in automatic modes in the future as Garmin tunes the products to attempt to produce the maximum significant data with the minimum number of points. You can also set proximity radius in your waypoints.

Fixed shutdown problem related to European road and rec maps. When you need to guarantee a time before the tracklog fills up you should use time mode. In this mode you set the period for collecting information and can thus determine exactly how long it will be before the tracklog fills. Select the choice your prefer and save the log. Especially the content of the data fields is user configurable. The users current zoom scale can also be used as an indicator of desired track resolution. Reverted to outputting the heading sentence via NMEA. Fixed Italian translation of nautical miles.

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