Nikon capture nx 2 инструкция на русском

nikon capture nx 2 инструкция на русском
DSLR D7000 The D7000 is a high-quality mid-class D-SLR that will respond to user demands for a variety of the latest camera technologies and functions, enabling them high-quality, high-definition shooting. Professionals can expect white as truly white in a wider variety of settings. From ultra wide-angle and micro to super telephoto, NIKKOR lenses give users the means to explore their creativity to the fullest.

Сообщение от Running with Scissors А смысл? Я вот ща заюзал View NX2 — ну в целом, все, что нужно. Кому хотелось большего, мог приобрести программу Capture NX2 с богатым функционалом по обработке RAW-файлов. И всё было хорошо. Настройки переименования файлов во время импорта: Одним словом, Nikon Transfer 2 вполне оправдывает своё предназначение, пользоваться этой утилитой очень удобно. Each editing function is applied to a copy of the image, with the original left unmodified.

The D3S takes accurate exposure further, using highlight analysis from the Scene Recognition System and then carefully selecting from a database containing information from over 30,000 actual shooting situations. Extending the D3000’s excellent performance is Nikon’s exclusive Scene Recognition System, Active D-Lighting, continuous shooting up to 3 frames-per-second, advanced 3D Color Matrix Metering II, and 11-point selectable autofocus. The large monitor also improves readability of menus thanks to a font size that is 20% larger than that of the D60. Extensive in-camera image control is available using Nikon’s Picture Control System, which allows users to customize key digital image characteristics to suit personal preferences. Exclusive Nikon Software — Nikon Transfer and ViewNX software packages (supplied) for a range of basic photo browsing and editing operations; Capture NX 2, Camera Control Pro 2, and Image Authentication Software (all optional) enable more advanced operation and image editing.

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