Инструкция jvc-av 51

All the things that can be operated from iPhone side can be operated also from car receiver.(Engine gauges, acceleration and braking, torque, fuel economy gauges, and more can be seen. ). (AUTO MODE/AUDIO MODE) Simply connect your Android smartphone or tablet to the receiver via USB and enjoy a totally «plug and play» music playback solution. Теперь вы можете управлять своим Android-совместимым устройством с сенсорной панели AV-ресивера. * Калибровка экрана требуется только при первом включении. Обновление микропрограммы KW-V50BT/V30BT Настройка приложения: 1) Посетите Google Play и установите приложение JVC Smartphone Control. 2) Запустите приложение JVC Smartphone Control. 3) Для включения приложения JVC Smartphone Control выполните следующее.

Facebook Pinterest Tumblr LinkedIn 2-DIN AV Receiver DVD/CD/USB Receiver with 6.2-inch WVGA Touch Panel Monitor and Built-in Bluetooth(R) Wireless Technology. Wired Connection: Please refer to the «Connectivity Chart» and the Instruction Manual of the AV Receiver for instruction regarding connectivity between the Android device and the AV Receiver. После завершения калибровки нажмите кнопки [Confirm] —> [Back]. 8) Настройки завершены.
After the calibration is completed, press [Confirm] —> [Back] key. 8) Setting is complete. But, even if you do not use a hardware interface, a part of functions can be used. DashCommand requires a compatible hardware interface, purchased separately, to communicate with the vehicle.

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