Инструкция фотоаппарат сони dsc-p31

инструкция фотоаппарат сони dsc-p31
Также был анонсирован K850 с пяти-мегапиксельной камерой Cyber-shot и вспышкой и светодиодным фонариком. When playing back movie files, you can also opt for «queue» playback, which plays back the movie file more rapidly, several frames at a time, to help you find a particular portion you’re interested in. The remaining few camera controls are on the back panel, along with the optical viewfinder eyepiece, LCD monitor, speaker, and connector jacks. Resize: Resizes the current image to one of the available resolution sizes. Picture Effects menu with Black-and-White, Sepia, Negative Art, and Solarize effects.

Here are the base items that I believe will ship with the camera, though items may be added or eliminated: Wrist strap. 8MB Memory Stick. USB cable. NTSC video cable. Overall though, the camera produced pretty good exposures under a wide variety of conditions. Two high-capacity NiMH AA batteries. NiMH battery charger.

Adjustable autofocus area. DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) compatibility. USB cable for connection to a computer (driver software included). NTSC video cable for connection to a television set. The battery compartment is on the right side of the camera (as viewed from the back). A sliding plastic door protects the compartment, and features an inset latch that unlocks the door when you need to change the batteries. Главная Фотоаппараты Sony A7R Body Оценка редакции 9 / 10 Дизайн (20%): 10Качество снимков (30%): 10Функциональность (30%): 10Удобство работы (20%): 9 Оценка клиентов 9 / 10 Написать отзыв все цены Цены. Divide: Divides movie files into segments, providing a very basic editing tool you can use to «trim» your movies to just the portion you want to keep. Exposure is automatically controlled on the DSC-P31, greatly simplifying camera operation. An On/Off button on the top panel turns the camera on and off, and a Mode dial on the back panel lets you select between Scene, Automatic, and Movie exposure modes. The Mode dial allows you to quickly set the camera’s operating mode, with a quick turn to one of five settings.

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