Инструкция на вагнер 7000

инструкция на вагнер 7000
При продолжительной работе с большой нагрузкой все системы окрасочного оборудования Вагнер работают на износ и двигатель начинает перегреваться. The special design of the system means that the pump is continually filled with sufficient paint material by the shovel piston, making it possible to work without pulsation or malfunction. Очистите или замените распылительный клапан, если это необходимо. Our Price$2699.00 Quantity WAGNER Model Puma Air-Assist-Airless (AAA) Wall Mount Pump Outfit, consisting of a Puma IceBreaker 28:1 ratio stainless steel pump (0.64 GPM) mounted to a wall bracket. Model R04 — MINIATURE TENSION / COMPRESSION SPECIFICATIONSAccuracy: ± 0.2% of full scale + M5i (± 0.1%).Weight: 0.015 lb. Pressure can be smoothly regulated up to 3625 psi for pefect matching and overlapping.

Разбавьте краску до рекомендуемой консистенции производителем, чтобы избежать перегрузки в работе окрасочного аппарата Вагнер. The surfaces of the cylinder and piston rod are coated with an extremely wear resistant layer of hard chrome, making them able to withstand aggressive and abrasive materials. Self-adjusting packings and thick hard chrome plated stainless steel fluid sections ensures durability. Включите окрасочный аппарат Вагнер к источнику питания и нажмите на курок краскопульта. Quality and durability assured.The material pump of the Heavy Coat units is driven indirectly by hydraulics. Data outputs: USB, RS232, Mitutoyo, Analog ± 1 Vdc. POWER REQUIREMENTS Rechargeable NiMH 9V battery for 10 hours of use with 8 hour charge. «Lo Bat» warning then gauge turns off.

Standard equipment on 2K, 3K, and 4K Plural Component Systems. Instruction manuals The following instruction manuals are free to download. Containing either the GM5000EA, or GM5000EA LowR (for very high conductive coatings with resistivity above 50k Ohm). Maximum fluid and air pressure — 116 psi. Selectable force units: lbf, kgf, gf or N. Selectable torque units: lbf-in, ozf-in, kgf-mm, kgf-m, N-cm or N-m. Peak sampling rate: 7,000 Hz. Display rate: 2.5/sec. Sensors — Refer to individual specifications on the following pages. OPERATION Selected sensor attaches to M5i display for immediate use. Агрегатами высокого давления можно наносить на окрашиваемые поверхности большинство лакокрасочных материалов, применяемых в строительстве.

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