Инструкция на фотоаппарат samsung l730

The intensity of the (Exceptionally, the flash function will operate when you use the Fill in flash flash will be automatically controlled wise shot in the ASR mode) to suit the prevailing conditions. Should this be the case, you will need to purchase It is advisable to copy important data onto other media as back-up e.g. a new memory card. The camera may not be turned on because of the low battery capacity. Used for turning the camera’s power on / off. Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

When you are in the web chat application, find the main menu and look for the video in option. Exposures are determined with multi-pattern, spot or face recognition metering, and the user can tweak the exposure with +/-2.0EV of exposure compensation, in 0.33EV steps. L730 shutter speeds range from 1/1500 to 8 seconds in manual mode, and 1/1500 to 1 second in all other modes. Info ( ) button Macro ( ) / Down button While the menu is showing, press the DOWN button to move from the main menu to a sub menu, or to move down the sub menu.
Between the two is a chrome strip around the sides and top, because you have to have something besides the screen to show up all the fingermarks. It is reasonably compact, measuring 95 x 59 x 21mm, and light for its size, weighing 132g minus the battery. Смайлы Вкл. [IMG] код Вкл. HTML код Выкл. Rear controls include an EVF toggle switch (there’s also an eye sensor if you prefer to automatically switch between the EVF and rear display), a Wi-Fi button, a standard control wheel and a flat command dial, the AF ON button, the Fn button, and standard playback, menu, and delete controls. Larger Aperture values make both the object and the ASR will not activate. background sharp. — If the lighting condition is darker than in fluorescent lighting conditions, High Shutter speeds can capture a moving object in a still image as camera shake warning indicator ( ) will display.

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