Subaru eb12 инструкция

subaru eb12 инструкция
The 1.3-litre version is assembled locally (1.3 SLX). In Mexico the B12 Sunny was known as a Nissan Tsuru II (as the first generation was simply called Tsuru), this model was later also exported to Canada where it carried «Sentra» badges. Also, the N16 series was sold in parts of Latin America and in Europe as the Nissan Almera. The PB110 was offered in both GL (single carburetor) and GX models (twin carburetor). In Mexico this was marketed as the Sentra 1400. At the Tokyo motor show, 19 October 1972, a Sunny Excellent with Nissan’s two-rotor Wankel rotary engine was exhibited. The B11 series shared its engines and much of its underpinnings with the Nissan Pulsar (N12) which launched around the same time, effectively providing the hatchback body style in this size class which in the European market was becoming the widely preferred configuration. Facelift (B211)[edit] Nissan Sunny GL(B211, Japanese Domestic Market) B211 is the chassis code for the minor facelift of the B210, introduced in February 1976. It included a changed grille and other minor changes, such as new wing mirrors and hubcaps.

European sales began in May 1982, with this version of the Sunny going on sale at a time when front-wheel drive was quickly becoming the most popular layout on family cars in Europe. The Sunny was exclusive to Nissan Satio Store, while the Silvia was exclusive to Nissan Prince Store, alongside the Nissan Skyline. Ultimately, the Sunny and Cherry/Pulsar lines converged in the European market for the N13 generation in 1986. The chassis code returned to the original «B» designation, then added «11» to signify a front wheel drive platform.

The station wagon model remained in production until 1990, as no estate version of the next generation Sunny was produced. The «Sunny California»-style fastback was the only B12 wagon; the more upright B11 «Sunny Van» continued in those markets where it was previously offered. Used 2002 RENAULT MEGANE cars for sale on Carzone Please enable Javascript in your browser For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. The introduction of a pickup truck based on the Sunny gave Nissan Saito Store and Nissan Cherry Store Japanese dealerships the opportunity to sell a commercial vehicle that was originally only offered at Nissan Bluebird Store. Datsun Sunny 140Y 2-door sedan (Europe) In most markets, the A12 engine was the only, or most common engine offered.

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