Инструкция rome shift

инструкция rome shift
But it’s the latter that you have direct control over. While on the Drilling SubMenu of the City Specialization menu, use the Data Maps buttons to switch between different data maps. Trip protection is recommended.Call 1-800-896-4600 or go to -and-conditions for full details on change/cancellation policy. Click the icon to view the Approval Rating panel. Before building, select the Create Game tab to start a new game, the Join Game tab to join a game, or the Resume Game tab to resume and manage your previous games from the last point played.

Click on the CityLog button in the lower left corner to read the latest message feed. Use the Fire menu’s System Info to view information that can help prevent or prepare you for a major fire. Pump oil from the wells in the ground.

Cities that select Metals, Petroleum, or Electronics industries would be wise to also develop trade. If you are using power that relies on a fossil fuel, you can import any needed resources directly from the Global Market. All the latest news for your city is displayed here. Industry is what really drives your city and creates the most profit of the three zones. By providing jobs, industries provide money for your residents. Other departure dates and origins are available at slightly higher rates.

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