Коннекторы huber sunner инструкция

коннекторы huber sunner инструкция
WAIVER It is exclusively in written agreements that we provide our customers with warrants and representations as to the technical specifications and/or the fitness for any particular purpose. The IBC™ Brand Cleaning tools use a novel dry cleaning strand to gently sweep and lift away dust and residues from the connector end face. Прецизионные мультикоаксиальные соединители: MXP Адаптеры – межсерийные и внутрисерийные Соединители, применяемые в авиации: EN4652, ASN-E, ABS Tools from HUBER+SUHNER Accessories from HUBER+SUHNER. Предлагаемый нами ассортимент продукции включает кабельные соединители и сборки, разъемы печатных плат и переходники для подключения к другим разъемам, выполненным в соответствии с открытыми стандартами.

The signals will be transmitted in TEM-mode (Transversal Electric and Magnetic field) until the upper frequency limit, the so-called cut-off frequency (refer to Chapter 1.2.6 on page 18), is reached. Additionally the outer dimensions of QN are smaller than N, leading to the advantage that even TNC-size flanges can be used at QN connectors.The newly developed HUBER+SUHNER XQN (eXtreme QN) is an advanced version of the standard QN connector. Basically, the smaller the mechanical dimensions the higher the frequencies. No fields exist in… The most commonly used method is that of cable assemblies, where the distance between the source and the termination is the assembly length. This new interface offers very low PIM performance together with weight and compactness advantages. A key feature of this connector is the separation of electrical from mechanical plane, which implies a PIM and RL optimized contact independently from the coupling mechanism. Years of experience in development and production, as well as special equipment for soldering and testing the leak rate are reasons why HUBER+SUHNER is a competent and reliable manufacturer of hermetically sealed RF connectors.

The glass-seal is soldered into the connector body and is sealing the connector internally. Radio Frequency Radio Frequency HUBER+SUHNER manufactures first-class radio-frequency and microwave products for the global market. > Products > QUICK-FIT coaxial connectors HUBER+SUHNER QUICK-FIT connectors are worldwide approved connectors for foam dielectric corrugated tube cables. Besides the outstanding features of the QN connector, X-QN convinces with some extra advantages. The interface design has been filed to IEC and has the potential to become the standard connector system for the above mentioned market.

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