Инструкция lcd-box-12

инструкция lcd-box-12
For SEAKING ESC New firmware “SK-3.1.16” for Seaking PRO 160A ESCs is released, which improves the communication capability and strengthens the voltage protection function (of the ESCs) for meeting the racing requirements. New firmware “XR-4.2.01” for XeRun XR8 SCT ESCs is released, which allows users to set the “Running Mode” to “Forward/Reverse” and the “Reverse Force” to “100%”. The first firmware “XR-4.1.02” for XeRun XR10 STOCK SPEC ESCs is released. Eye protection that is designed specifically for paintball and meets ASTM/CE Standards must be worn by user and persons within range at all times.

Click Here Please read, understand and follow the directions in your Dye Paintball marker owner’s manual: Dye Paintball markers are not a toy. USB LINK Software version 4.0.3 What’s new in the new release? Always chronograph the your marker before playing paintball. Click any manual to download! If you have any tech questions, don’t hesitate to call and our staff will be happy to assist you — 858.536.5183 x 0 Looking for replacement parts?

Ensure all screws and components are tightened and secured before Gassing up. Always treat a Dye Paintball marker as if it were loaded and able to fire. Only use compressed air or nitrogen gas in your Dye marker. Do not use co2. Do not exceed 850 psi input pressure.

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