Canon fax-l240 инструкция на русском языке

canon fax-l240 инструкция на русском языке
Contact your local authorised Canon dealer or the Canon help line. • Do not allow anything to rest on the power cord, and do not place the unit where the cord will be walked on. Page 56 You can also use face-up delivery when copying or receiving a large number of pages. Liiklushoiatuste,teekonna ümberarvestamise info ja ajakohase ilmateate saamiseks võid allalaadida Smartphone Link lahenduse,mis ühendab Garmin DriveSmart seadme sobiva nutitelefoniga.Sihtkohale lähenedes võid rahulikult täpsustada avaliku parkimise hinnad ja vabade kohtade saadavuse. Page 85: Setting The Scanning Contrast Setting the Scanning Contrast You can adjust the degree of contrast at which your document is scanned for sending and copying. Page 122: Polling, What Is Polling?, Polling Receiving, Polling Another Fax Machine, What Is Polling • If the other party is using a Canon fax machine and their unit does not support subaddress/password transactions, ask them to set the polling ID on their fax machine to 255 or 11111111 binary. Sisemine Wi-Fi® lihtsama kaartide ja tarkvara uuendamiseksSäilita ühendus, sõites Garmin DriveSmart naviga, mis sisaldab erinevaid nutikaid omadusi.

Troubleshooting p. 13-2). p. 5-7) to match the p. 12-7). Page 164 Action You attempted to send a Contact the other party to check their document or poll another settings. Setting FAX ONLY MODE Press Receive Mode to select MODE •… Page 104 Confirm that FaxOnly is displayed in the LCD. • If FaxOnly is not displayed, press Receive Mode to select MODE . After a few seconds, the LCD returns to standby mode. Page 67 Press Set. To continue registering other one-touch speed dialling buttons, repeat the procedure from step 5. -or- Press Stop to return to standby mode. • Use the destination labels provided with your FAX to label the one-touch speed dialling buttons. Garmin handsfree (käed vabad) kõned ja reaalajas liiklusinfo. This information is called the Sender information or the Transmit Terminal Identification (TTI). Page 38: Entering The Date And Time, Registering Your Fax Number And Name Entering the Date and Time Follow this procedure to set the current date and time: Open the one-touch speed dial panel.

Page 58 Use ▼ or ▲ to select the custom paper size setting. • You can select from the following: USTOM1/LONG – USTOM2/SHORT – • For details on the paper sizes above, see p. 5-2. Press Set. The power cord may not be plugged in securely. Lisaks hoiatab navi kui sõidad ühesuunalisel teel vales suunas või et lähedal on koolimaja. This will reduce the number of buttons you need to press to dial the fax/telephone number, making it convenient for frequently dialled numbers.

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