Single player game transmitter инструкция

The wireless matrix feature is the biggest breakthrough in wireless AV solutions today. The instrument is set using the Omni-Bearing Selector (or OBS), the knob in its lower left corner. Glossary of Terms Altitude: An aircraft’s altitude is its height above sea level. CDI: Course Deviation Indicator. Watch what happens as you add and decrease power, extend and retract the flaps, or slow to a stall, for example.

Once production begins, Rockville sends product engineers to their factory to quality control every line of production. Yes. The Siberia 840 can be connected to your mobile device via Bluetooth. The yellow boxes in the manipulator map are “quick looks.” Double tap near that area to zoom into a predefined closeup view of those controls. Tap the “Advanced” button at the top of the screen for even more control over the weather options. Mach’s number actually describes the speed of sound through any fluid (that is, liquid or gas). In application to aeronautics, though, it is implied that the fluid is air. This is contrasted with VFR conditions (those operating under visual flight rules). ILS: Instrument Landing System. A ground-based system for guiding approaching aircraft into the runway via radio signals.
Note these settings are specific to each aircraft. An airplane can typically stay in the air at very high weights, but it will have a hard time getting off the ground initially. Check out Flight School within the app or online for a list of tutorials on operating the Cessna and many other aircraft, or see the section “Aircraft Takeoff Speeds” below. Confirm you want to buy the aircraft and it will unlock along with any challenges that it features in. If you ever lose access to aircraft you know you previously purchased, tap the gear from the main screen to enter the settings screen.

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