Pt-vx500 инструкция

pt-vx500 инструкция
Panasonic is at the forefront of the industry with solid shine illumination technology, a newly developed light source found in our new range of LED/Laser 1-Chip DLP projectors. The total lamp used time is calculated by using the below expres- sion. Page 32 Optical Parts Disassembly 4. Condenser lens (OUT) removal (M2.5×8)x2 Condenser lens (OUT) assy (M2.5×8) Fig.4 Condenser lens (OUT) 5. PBS and Integrators removal Marker Integrator lens-in * Rugged surface fac- ing to the PBS. (M2.5×8) Cutting edge comes to this Light mask side. Thermal fuse (SW902) There is a thermal fuse (SW902) inside of the projector to detect the internal temperature rising abnormally.

Some incredible images with vivid colours and high resolution detail were projected from the PT-DZ21K series projectors, building an unprecedented backdrop of light and colour for the music and dancers that helped capture everyone’s imagination. Offset Iris Fan vol rising to Iris 0-1023 Threshold 1 Fan Vol. Page 16: Standby Mode Notice Standby Mode Notice This projector provides 2 types of standby mode, Eco standby and Network standby. Following steps show the basic procedures, therefore unnecessary step may be ignored. Check IC IC501, IC301 and peripheral circuits. No picture with PC1 Check IC301, IC5301… Page 75: No Sound Troubleshooting No sound Check following steps.

Add parameters according to the details of control. Part No. Description Note R1083 3012258110 MT-GLAZE 10 JA 1/16W R3603 3012261516 MT-GLAZE 0.000 ZA 1/16W R1084 3012249316 MT-GLAZE 1K JA 1/16W R3604 3012249019 MT-GLAZE 10K JA 1/16W R1085… Page 110 PT-VX500U/PT-VX500E/PT-VX500EA Electrical Parts List PT-VW430U/PT-VW430E/PT-VW430EA Ref. Page 33: Optical Unit Top Removal Optical Parts Disassembly 6. Optical unit top removal Optical top Unhook 4 hooks to remove the Optical Unit Top. Page 21 Mechanical Disassembly 3-1. MAIN and AV board removal 1. Remove 5 screws-A (T3x6) to remove the filter spacer and light spacer and antitheft lock shield, then release the 6 hooks to remove the AV panel. 2. Remove 2 screws-B (M3x6) to remove board. Page 12: Replacing The Lamp Unit Maintenance Replacing the lamp unit CAUTION: • When the projector is mounted on a ceiling, do not work with your face close to the projector. • Attach the lamp unit and the lamp cover securely.

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