Инструкция panasonic kx-tda100ru

инструкция panasonic kx-tda100ru
Out until %%/%% (Month/Day) In a Meeting A message assigned for each extension. (Personal Absent Message) To set PT/SLT/PS Off-hook. Page 101 • Note: Many states have imposed regulations on the manner in which 2-way telephone conversations may be recorded, so you should inform the other party that the conversation is being recorded. Page 50: Transferring To An Outside Party Using The Pbx Service 1.4 During a Conversation To transfer with one touch (One-touch Transfer) PT/PS During a conversation (DSS) Press DSS . Talk. Page 57 2. To hold the current call and then talk to the new party PT/PS While hearing a tone HOLD Press CO or Press HOLD . INTERCOM . Disregard this step if both parties are extensions. Read this chapter to become familiar with the many useful features of this PBX. User Manual… Page 14: Before Operating The Telephones, What Kind Of Telephone Can Be Used What Kind of Telephone Can Be Used? Page 53: Call Park • For simple operation, you can automatically hold a call by pressing another CO, G-DN or INTERCOM button, only if preprogrammed. (Automatic Call Hold) Consult your dealer.

When in the Log-out mode, incoming calls to the group will not ring at your extension. The paralleled single line telephones do not ring. The most recent setting will be valid no matter which extension made the setting. • When a Timed Reminder starts, and when it is answered or not answered, detailed Timed Reminder information is recorded automatically.

Page 24: Calling An Outside Party, Operator Call 1.2 Making Calls • To call using a directory, refer to «1.11.2 Directories». • For quick operation If you are an operator or dial some extensions frequently, DSS buttons are useful. Звонок на телефон проходит, но при снятии трубки телефона АТС это не понимает и продолжает посылать звонок. You can select the mailbox each time you record a conversation. To record into your mailbox PT/PS During a conversation To stop recording, press this button again. Direct Station Selection (DSS) It is also possible to be changed to the other feature button.

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