Инструкция к nec px42vr5w

инструкция к nec px42vr5w
Symptom Checks Remedy Mechanical sound is heard. • Maybe the sound from the cooling fans used to prevent over heating. Page 23: Set Up Settings Menu CONFIDENTIAL SET UP Settings Menu Information Setting the language for the menus D-SUB INPUT Settings The menu display can be set to one of eight languages. RGB: Use the D-SUB terminal for RGB input. Договорная Киев, Оболонский 14 май 6 350 грн. This energy-saving (power management) function This setting is valid only for the INPUT SELECT button automatically reduces the monitor’s power consumption on the unit.

The manufacturer is not liable for any bodily harm or damage caused if unqualified Please read this manual carefully before using your plasma monitor persons attempt service or open the back cover. Copyright NEC Display Solutions 2017. All rights reserved. When viewing videos or digital video discs 1. Press the WIDE button on the remote control. 2. Within 3 seconds … Original image Press the WIDE button again. Телевизор Тв / видеотехника » Телевизоры 500 грн. Киев, Оболонский 13 май Телевизор Тв / видеотехника » Телевизоры 550 грн. HomeSupport & Service SHARE: * * Control, monitor and manage your display and projector settings through an intuitive graphical user interface using your mouse and keyboard.

This function allows you to store in memory the current Example: Adjusting the contrast input signal and PICTURE menu settings and to recall these settings when necessary. Maintain the correct H DVD3/HD3, RGB3 (DVI) polarity. Page 14: Wide Operations CONFIDENTIAL WIDE Operations Wide Screen Operation 2.35:1 size screen (manual) With this function, you can select one of six screen sizes.

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