Hp compaq nx7010 инструкция

hp compaq nx7010 инструкция
Unsnap three wireless card antenna cables from the wireless card. Select what type of media you want to use to create the recovery disk: USB or DVDs. Select your choice and then click Next. If you opted for DVDs, the next screen will notify you how many DVDs you’ll need. The USB drive should be at least 32GB in available size. It must not be labeled as compatible with Windows 8. Do not use if your USB flash drive package has the following logo: The recovery partition must be intact (not corrupted or deleted) to create the recovery disk.

References Photo Credits photo_camera usb flash drive image by Bosko Martinovic from Article Feedback Click here to provide feedback on this article. The drive tray will open automatically during the process to insert the required DVDs. The software will display a “Disc 1 of 2 was successfully created” screen. Lift up and remove the speaker assembly. STEP 21 Remove two screws securing the wireless card. Creating the disk if you have a HP notebook (laptop) The following instructions apply if you have a notebook (laptop) from HP: Close any running programs and disconnect from the Internet. There are two more screws (marked with green squares) hidden under rubber seals. As you see, you can access the Bluetooth card through the hard drive compartment. STEP 13 Lift up the touch pad assembly as it shown on the picture below.

Unplug the modem card cable from the motherboard. You may need up to 4 DVDs. The DVDs or USB must be blank with no data added. AutoPlay opens when I add the CD or DVD Ignore the AutoPlay message Windows shows when you add the blank CD or DVD. Simply click the X icon from top right to close the window. For my computer and the BIOS version I use, the two files are 306DF15.FD and 306EF15.FD. There are two model for Compaq CQ35 computers, so there are two .FD files. The recovery process will now start. If you’re running into errors at this step, go to Troubleshooting for more. Note to HP: I will happily rewrite these comments if you give buyers the option of not having Windows XP installed in the first place.

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