Alienware2310 инструкция

alienware2310 инструкция
Its slim profile and super-narrow 6mm bezel makes it perfect for almost seamless multi-display setups. Improved In-game Accuracy ASUS-exclusive GamePlus Technology The ROG SWIFT PG278Q Gaming Monitor features the ASUS GamePlus hotkey with crosshair overlay and timer functions. Note: On some computer configurations, your monitor might turn off when entering and exiting video games. If this happens, simply turn on your monitor again.

For more detailed information, please refer to -sync Without G-SYNC™ With G-SYNC™ Watch Video NVIDIA®Ultra Low Motion Blur Technology Conventional 60Hz monitors show extensive motion blur which detracts from your gaming experience. The bad news is that the input lag is worse than official LightBoost monitors, so this is not as useful for competition online gaming as official LightBoost monitors. Gamer-centric Features ASUS-exclusive 5-Way OSD Navigation Key The intuitive 5-way navigation key allows you to select OSD settings with just a flick. Either action will turn off the monitor’s power-save mode. Samsung SA700D, SA750D, and SA950D has a little-known strobe backlight similar to LightBoost that eliminate LCD motion blur. These minor details add up to give you a major in-game advantage.

Quickly select from 60, 120, or 144Hz refresh rates and go back to gaming. Enable Strobe Mode on SA700D, SA750D and SA950D Set your PC into 120 Hz mode.(Control Panel -> Display -> Adjust Resolution -> Advanced -> Monitor) Before the next step, change “Response Time” to “Normal” via the monitor OSD. Now, turn on “3D” via the monitor OSD, frame-sequential mode. Other trademarks and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products. Change the display settings on your Dell monitor to prevent your monitor from going into power-save mode prematurely. For those that need to run external displays at non-native or unusual resolutions, such video editors and hardware testers, using the Option key restores full resolution control to the user. Power USB 3.0 Upstream DisplayPort 1.2 2 x USB 3.0 Downstream The ROG SWIFT PG278Q Gaming Monitor is specially designed for long marathon gaming sessions.

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