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Page 26: Setting The A/v Output, Tv Shape, Still Mode, Brightness, E.b.l Various settings Setting the A/V Output This section describes screen settings. Page 21: Setting The Language, Dvd Menu, Dvd Audio, Dvd Subtitle, Divx(r) Subtitle Setting the language You can choose the language of the menu screen, DVD menu, DVD audio and subtitles. The time jumps to a point approx. 30 seconds later and playback re- sumes. NOTE: With some DVD-Video, the Instant skip operation may not work. Page 1 The model number and serial number are on the back of your DVD/VCR. Record these numbers in the spaces below. Playback Digital Video Camera NOTES: • The DV terminal of this recorder supports only input from a DV for- mat digital video camera. What would you have wanted to know before your purchased the product?

Title List No Label Remain: 55m XP Line 1… Page 64: Using The Keyboard Screen Editing the disc Using the keyboard screen This section explains the function of the keyboard screen and how to input characters. Connect the audio output jacks to any line-level inputs (such as AUX, DVD, CD, etc.) of an audio amplifier. Keyboard screen types The keyboard screen has three types: “Letters”, “Num- bers”… Page 65 Using the keyboard screen Erasing a character You can erase the input character. Check the Owner’s Manual provided with each component for the location of video and audio inputs and outputs.
Page 50: Recording A Tv Program Recording Recording a TV program You can record programs you watch on TV onto video tapes or DVDs. NOTES: • When recording onto a DVD, it takes some time from when you press REC/OTR until recording actually starts. Only 23 units,dispatched in 1 business day Price: 49.99 US$49.99 Ship From: CN Warehouse Quantity: - + Preorder product is limited to 10 units. The number of that kind of disc is called the “region number”. SETUP MENU Menu that contains settings for various features of this unit, such as recording and playback. Page 57: Adding Chapter Mark Adding chapter mark NOTE: You can automatically add a chapter mark in recording. Page 60: Selecting Thumbnail Picture Editing the disc Selecting thumbnail picture 2K70101A_E P56-63 You can change the thumbnail picture.

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