Инструкция эдиус 5

инструкция эдиус 5
The overscan setting is only used on broadcast, even with modern LCD HD displays. Key/Transparency Select to include key effects and transparency (when changed from the default) in the rendering process. Templates for Blu-ray Disc, AVCHD and Mobile Devices. In addition to the H.264/AVC output configurations, output templates for Blu-ray Disc (BDMV / BDAV), AVCHD, and mobile devices such as the iPhone are available for easy encoding.

The actions described in this section pertain to EDIUS workstation settings and options and not the server-based profile management operations. QuickTitler is the default application included with EDIUS. If other EDIUS- compatible titling applications (such as VisTitle or TitleMotion Pro) have been installed, they will be available in the selection list. The Create Project Presets dialog in Figure 92 appears. EDIUS — User Reference Guide 103 Section 2 — Settings and Configuration Figure 92. Create Project Presets Dialog 3. Select the desired video size(s) for the project presets. Note One or both video bit depths may be selected based on your video editing needs. 5. Click the Next button to continue. Figure 4. No USB Key Startup Message X You have 30 days left on your software.

The Recent Clip list is accessed by selecting File>Recent Clip from the Preview window. 198 EDIUS — User Reference Guide Preview Settings Save Window Positions If this setting is selected, window and palette positions at the time EDIUS is closed are saved and used the next time EDIUS is started. Numeric data entry is possible or required in many application screens and data input windows throughout EDIUS, including some startup screens. See Figure 178. Note After making changes to any of the items in the Match Frame Settings dialog, click the Apply button to apply the changes and make them active. Note The Available Buttons list can be filtered to narrow down the possible selec- tions. For both the Player and Recorder, the following timecodes may be displayed: • Current • In • Out • Duration • Total The default selection is all timecodes enabled for both the Player and Recorder.

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