Сузуки sx4 инструкция 2007

сузуки sx4 инструкция 2007
Хотел экономичную, не ломкую машину с автоматом и емким багажником. Used vehicles are subject to prior sale. By accessing this website, you agree to the TrueCar Terms of Service. Особенно в шоколадном металлике, скрадывающем простой обвес из тёмного пластика.

Полный привод позволяет в городе преодолевать зимнюю наледь и препятствия, а за городом пробиться к дому по просёлку по грязи! Sight along the Suzuki for signs of a recent polish to remove these. Servicing is very important on today’s cars, which rely on fresh oil for a long life. Base sedan models now get rear disc brakes like other SX4 models, and the LE automatic version has a slight improvement in fuel economy. Если бы сейчас выбирала автомобиль, ни за что такой бы не купила. The introduction of the SX4 in the fall of 2006 brought Suzuki closer to the mainstream market than ever before for a couple of important reasons.

Check the condition of the engine oil on the dipstick, if it’s too dark the chances are the oil and filter haven’t been maintained correctly. Select a Year (7 available) Select 2013 See photos The 2013 Suzuki SX4 Crossover gets a new front fascia, new wheels and new colors. A new voice-activated navigation system is offered on the Crossover and is standard on the Sport Sedan. Other than that, great car, I highly recommend» 3 people out of 3 found this review helpful See all 3 consumer reviews Advertisement Advertisement 0 *Based on the Suggested Retail Value Excellent condition and the base vehicle configuration. Overall this is a great car with loads of features for a good price, that’s called VALUE! My only nit picks are the gas light comes on too early. It should come on when the tank is almost empty. Честно откатал 7 лет без серьёзных поломок и проблем.

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