Инструкция stp engine stop leak

инструкция stp engine stop leak
Pure Synthetic Stabilizer was developed specifically for engines that run on lighter weight engine oils and in newer vehicles. Q: Will using Lucas Stabilizer void the factory warranty on my new vehicle? A: No, using Lucas Stabilizer will not void a new car warranty. But four days later, she asked me if it was just her car that drives a lot lighter; it is faster and runs better she said. These solutions include our oil stop leak products, as well as solutions for cooling systems, head gaskets, power steering, transmissions and much more.

But many of these products are ineffective, and some even make your issue worse. At Bar’s Leaks, we offer real solutions when you need a transmission stop leak. You won’t find a more effective or affordable solution for transmission fluid leaks than Bar’s Leaks. All STP products have been specifically formulated, then extensively tested and evaluated to demonstrate their ability to help keep your vehicle running stronger and smoother mile after mile. STP products are also safe for use in any vehicle, new or old. STOP LEAKS IN THEIR TRACKS NO LEAK® products work by effectively repairing and restoring seals and gaskets. Products OIL ADDITIVES ENGINE STOP LEAK Rejuvenates seals and gaskets HELPS STOP MINOR OIL LEAKS FORTIFIES OIL WITH VISCOSITY ENHANCER LUBRICATES MOVING ENGINE PARTS Over time, normal engine operation can lead to oil leaks. Shop Payment Methods: Accounts & Orders Mobile AUTOZONE STORES AutoZone Websites COMPANY INFORMATION REPAIR HELP CONNECT WITH US: AutoZone Community CUSTOMER SERVICE.

What a product. I will be adding it at every oil change from now on. Notes: It is recommended to check your vehicle owner’s manual. Do not mix with other fluids.Worn parts and gaps between the cylinder walls, piston rings and valve guide seals stop the engine from running as it should. While you’ll find plenty of options when searching for a rear oil seal product, you won’t find the same level of effectiveness you’ll get with Bar’s Leaks.

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