Инструкция pro-wax 100

инструкция pro-wax 100
Если Вы думаете, какой воск в картриджах купить, оптимальным выбором станет хлорофилловый или азуленовый воски, являющиеся гипоаллергенными. Next, it is necessary to clean the glass, windshields and mirrors with C-27-Q Glass Polish, C-13 Super Glass Gleam™, C-65 Glass & Windshield Cleaner or AGC-18 Aerosol Glass Cleaner.Finally, it is a must that all tires and rubber moldings be dressed. Ёмкость камеры для плавления воска — 450 мл.

The “fresh air” essence leaves a very pleasant aroma. After the inspection, have the owner sign the form and give him a copy of it.Before we proceed, let’s talk just a bit about safety. Please see our Comparing Paraffin Baths page, for a complete list of the qualities that make the Therabath the leading paraffin bath. Профессионалы дают совет наносить средство, замедляющее рост волос, но это необязательное условие. Continue cleaning until all the carpets are clean.6. Next, clean dash and door panels with C-49 Heavy Duty Interior Cleaner.

That will depend on the type of finish your customer prefers. Detailing the exterior painted finish is a three-step process: 1) Compound2) Polish3) WaxDetermining what has to be done to a painted surface is probably the most difficult choice to make. Yes, only one to two drops of natural oil-based products, such as h Essential Oils. Do not add water-based products.

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