Авто dvr с тft инструкция

авто dvr с тft инструкция
Figure 5 — The playback screen The vehicle video recorder can also play back photos and videos from the SD/SDHC memory. The vehicle video recorder behaves as a computer. If it «crashes», you can reset it by pressing gently in the [RESET] hole with a pin less than 1 mm thick. millimètre. Figure 13 — Choice of language Language English Русский Português 繁體中文 Choose the display language of the vehicle video recorder. 7.8 — Light Freq. — National electrical frequency? In Europe, specify 50Hz. 7.9 — Version — Product version? File format: AVI, which is a «container» used to carry audio and video data. Whilst in video playback mode, you request that one single file should be erased, but the camera reformats the SD/SDHC card and all the files are lost. Some personal experience: The camera unexpectedly turns itself on while being handled. It is very easy to accidentally press the ON/OFF [6] button on the side of the camera. It is preferable to hold the camera by the top and bottom rather than by the sides.

How many times has the SD/SDHC card been reformatted in error because of this ambiguity? To leave the delete sub-menu press [MENU] to return to playback mode. There is no SD/SDHC card in the camera. You may choose the length of these videos. When you turn on the vehicle video recorder it automatically enters video recording mode. Note that the vehicle video recorder will start operation if you simply turn the car’s ignition contact key without starting the engine. Version To configure the vehicle video recorder, press [ON/OFF] to start the camera, wait for recording to begin, then press [REC/SNAP] — [MENU] — [REC/SNAP] to obtain the configuration menu.

Warning: It is very easy to end up reformatting the SD/SDHC card when all that you wanted was to delete a recording. This operation takes between 1 and 5 seconds during which time there is no recording. If you choose the HD format at 30 images per second, and a video length of 5 minutes, a full 16Gbyte SD/SDHC card will contain 72 files, which is 6 hours of video. All purchases eligible for Amazon customer service and a 30-day return policy. See the instructions in chapter 6. Note: The HDMI cable is not supplied. Portable in car DVR HD recorder that allows you to record video or capture images.

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