Hct12.5 инструкция

The unit includes an easy-to-use control panel along with programmable controls to adjust the platen… heater temperature, auxiliary heater temperature, and motor speed. The HCT-99D is portable photometer & luminous color meter for the measurement of illuminance, color temperature, xy and u’v’ chromaticity coordinates and delta uv. The meter set-up is supported by an easy to use menu accessed by front panel buttons. The menu allows selection of the operating mode, the display mode, the detector and measurement parameter. — The Horizontal Contact Toaster model HCT-5 is designed for contact toasting of buns.

Skip to main content Library Staff Resources Acquisitions Cataloguing Circulation Collection Development Contacts Copyright Resources Databases Information Literacy Standards Interlibrary Loan Library Guidelines Sierra Statistics UAE Consortium/LIWA Library Technical Services. Separate Meter and Light Detector The HCT-99D employs the common photometer design with separate meter and cable connected detector head to enable the operator to stay clear of the detector head to prevent reflected light or shadows from effecting the measurement. You have to carefully consider terminology and methods to answer the question above.
Color readings are calculated by the ratio of the detectors signals. View more View less Service & Parts Manual.

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