These surrounded compliance both with the FDA and Abbott’s own quality system. As part of these processes, there were the steps of vendor quality assurance, software quality assurance, and software code validation. The checking of its relevance for a given data set is not always done or done by elementary techniques such as Weibull plots. The data in each file are displayed as the data are loaded using a ggvis plot. This situation is very typical for accidents when there are not enough dosimetry equipment. The seqHMM package is designed for the HMM analysis of life sequences and other categorical time series.

The Pandoc templates select the appropriate LaTeX style and put the content of variables into the document. Raw data were pre-processed by averaging the breath-by-breath measurements over consecutive periods of 20 s. The American Thoracic Society (ATS) published detailed instructions regarding how to conduct the 6MWT as much standardized as possible. Probabilistic graphical models (PGMs) provide a well-founded and principled approach for performing inference and belief updating in complex domains endowed with uncertainty.

This platform is open and it has been used as a source of data for research on OSS development. In our research we mine GitHub for projects that use R. There are over 75k public repositories with list it as their primary programming language. The new R package Hough will be the collection of all mentioned techniques. Computing value-added indicators is a complex process which involves scaling examination scores with IRT models, estimating mixed-effects regression models for large data sets and sophisticated data manipulation. We use R in three ways. For my research into robust models for semi-supervised classification I have implemented several new and existing semi-supervised learners that have been combined in the RSSL package. The package provides a new class (Speclib) to handle large hyperspectral datasets and the respective functions to create Speclibs from various types of datasets such as e.g., raster data or point measurements taken with a field spectrometer.

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