Инструкция пользователя pmp5197d_rf_ultra

инструкция пользователя pmp5197d_rf_ultra
The device’s top side has volume control keys and a Home pushbutton (return to Android desktop). An additional control pushbutton is, certainly, useful – though at first, I often mistook it for “ON” pushbutton. There is a 2 Mpx front-face camera in the top right corner of the front panel. The rear metal panel has one more 2 Mpx camera (the quality is as moderate as that of the front-face camera), the only loudspeaker’s grill, and a flush reset button. Используемые в экране технологии LCD и IPS делают картинку живой, яркой и четкой, в то время как HD-разрешение (1280 x 800) гарантирует, что от вас не ускользнет ни одна деталь.Показать всё описаниеСвернуть описание. Значок клавиатуры появиться в правом нижнем углу экрана.Читать дальше. Prestigio PMP5597D’s screen made a good impression on me by its soft and natural colour grade and, more importantly, by its black colour close to natural.

The lower side has an unidentified aperture that appeared to be a microphone as I have discovered experimentally. However, as tests have demonstrated, this button is almost unnecessary. The results of synthetic tests show that this tablet is at the level of top modern smartphones, such as HTC or Samsung. I didn’t manage to find a single video in my collection of test BD rips that would make PMP5597D lag behind.

Prestigio PMP5597D cannot be charged from USB, which is expressly mentioned in the manual. It is pleasant that every output on the right side is labelled, which allows the user not to make mistakes when connecting USB cables. The tablet has only one built-in wireless interface, namely Wi-Fi. However, the Wi-Fi is most up-to-date – with 802.11n support. Takze jsem konecne nasel aplikaci jmenem «GL to SD» která bez problemu presune vse, co na SD kartu chceme.

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