Инструкция к rocka от hero factory

инструкция к rocka от hero factory
Well, I can’t say that the piece doesn’t clash badly on Rocka, but the design is epic. Manually Set Numbers If you can’t get an ideal calibration using auto calibration or manual calibration, try setting your calibration numbers by hand. The remaining heroes build more mechs to explore the underground tunnel. New or interesting pieces can also be examined here. Corroder uses his acid weapons to create a smokescreen and escape. New Heroes are constructed in the dozens everyday and trained from the ground up.

His coloring also works out nicely; the gold really stands out from the black and grey, and then the white adds a royal touch to the gold itself. And although Rocka has a one-handed weapon, he does have as much articulation in his claw as he has in his hand. Download them instantly and you’re ready to build! Then proceed to VIDEO CALIBRATION. When you see the needle hit either side of the meter, press the strum or hit the green pad in time with the needle.

However, due to his inexperience, the criminal manages to escape. Corroder — Conniving henchbot who seeks to challenge the status quo, capable of spraying acid. However, Chief Drax is acting strangely, and Meltdown appears, spraying Stormer with sludge. He is eventually corrupted by some nanobots inside the sludge and, after a fight with Stringer, Bulk and Furno, escapes the Hero Factory.

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